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O proxecto DESOURB (Desenvolvemento Sostible Urbán) ten como obxectivo definir un modelo innovador para a planificación e xestión territorial da Eurorrexión Galicia-Norte de Portugal, basado no desenvolvemento sostible, a monitorización do territorio e a xeración e difusión do coñecemento.


XERALPonencias do Foro de Intercambio de Experiencias Sustentables19.11.2012

XERALO “Foro de experiencias en desenvolvemento sustentable” reuniu a expertos nacionais e internacionais no Auditorio de Galicia, en Santiago de Compostela07.11.2012Ler máisARTIGOSO Xeoportal do Proxecto Desourb26.09.2012O XEOPORTAL do proxecto Desourb é unha ferramenta que pon a disposición dos usuarios todos os datos relevantes…Ler máisARTIGOSA Agencia de Ecologia Urbana e a Consellería de Medioambiente organizan o Foro de Intercambio de Experiencias Sustentables do proxecto europeo Desourb24.09.2012Reunirá a expertos nacionais e internacionais os días 7 e 8 de novembro no  Auditorio de Galicia, en Santiago de…Ler máisARTIGOSFerramentas de análise e optimización da xestión municipal_ Facturación eléctrica16.09.2012Ler máisARTIGOSInforme de sustentabilidade: un instrumento para o diagnóstico e o seguimento do estado da Eurorrexión Galicia-Norte de Portugal29.06.2012Ler máis

XERALProceso formativo sobre planificación sustentable para o inicio online de Desourb23.03.2012Os socios do proxecto Desourb, lanzaron o 1 de marzo o proceso formativo a través de Internet sobre Planificación…Ler – web design Wexford

XERALA dependencia enerxética e a innovación como motor da economía22.03.2012Expertos destacados do ámbito da innovación e da enerxía na Eurorrexión reuníronse onte na Consellería de Medio…

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Russell Brunson Net Worth
Russell Brunson Net Worth
Russell Brunson is a famous internet marketer who founded ClickFunnels™ with his partner Todd Dickerson.His net worth is reported as over 37 million dollars. ClickFunnels™ began over the last 10 years and since then has gained over 70,000 active users and has sold well and excess of 100 million dollars. Russell Brunson has been instrumental in bringing internet marketing to the masses. When ClickFunnels™ began there was only about 30000 people worldwide that were doing internet marketing. Through the popularity of Russell Brunson’s books, videos, webinars, courses and live events, Russell has grown the number of people dedicated to internet marketing single handedly. He has contributed a lot of money and efforts towards charitable organisations such as operation underground Railroad.

Brief History – Russell Brunson Net Worth
Russell Brunson was born in Utah and as a child he became fascinated with sales and marketing and he spent a lot of time analyzing junk mail, radio commercials and sales techniques of direct sales experts. Russell was as successful wrestler and he achieved very high levels in the sport. He attended Boise State University where he met his wife and they have five children together.

Overall Picture
Russell Brunson net worth is reported as 37 million dollars. His company ClickFunnels™ is a software-as-a-service company and has an estimated value upwards of $500,000,000. Brunson is followed by millions of entrepreneurs around the world and he has sold over 200,000 copies of his marketing books. He has been featured in national TV shows and has collaborated with some of the most successful business people in the world.

Start Of His Career – Russell Brunson Net Worth
Early in his career Russell created a product to sell potato guns. After realizing that his cost per click was going up for his advertising, he started adding upsell pages to his offer to boost the average order value and the concept of ClickFunnels™ was born. Within a year of leaving university, he had made his first million dollars selling products.

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